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Matern Fiber Tumbler
Before Tumbling
After Tumbling
Debris Extracted

Matern Fiber Tumbler

Our fiber tumbler is of commercial quality, including a heavier motor and stand, stainless steel mesh and a guard covering the motor and chain.  It also includes a catch pan to collect the debris which falls from the fleece.  This tumbler is designed to protect both you and your fleece while doing a superior job of cleaning both dust and vegetation from the fleece.

When we did the test run on this product, we decided to give it an ultimate challenge.  I had a fleece which was filled with so much vegetation that I believe a processor would have told me to throw it out.  Because I’m a perfectionist and want the nicest finished product I can get in my yarn, I did a quick skirting to look for armpit hair clumps and very large pieces of vegetation (5 to 10 minutes max).  I did absolutely no small picking, vacuuming or looking for second cuts.  My black fleece went from something I thought I was going to have to throw away to a tumbler full of beautiful, shiny black fleece.  I could hardly believe my eyes!  The finished yarn is absolutely gorgeous!  We are convinced that this tumbler can save a great deal of money in fleeces that may otherwise have to be discarded as well as saving an extraordinary amount of time (and time is money).  There are so many other ways to spend our time than breaking our backs over a skirting table.  (Of course, I’ll never give up my skirting table completely as we made a very nice one of those too!)  In addition, if you have a mill, we are certain that your equipment will stay a lot cleaner, last a lot longer and require fewer repairs if the fleece is tumbled before it is processed.  If you don’t have a mill, your processor will thank you and you will have a much nicer finished product in your yarn.  After all, isn’t that the whole point of alpacas?

To the left are some pictures of before and after we tumbled the black fleece we thought was beyond saving.  Also there is a picture of the debris left under the tumbler that fell from the fleece, and of course a picture of the tumbler itself.  We think you will be able to see the commercial quality of this tumbler at first glance.

Thank you again for your interest.  This is one of the most exciting products I have seen in a long time – after all….anything that saves work!  We look forward to sending you a Matern Tumbler soon.

$3495.00 Each


For Ordering or information, please call: 1-419-589-3745

Joe & Reba Matern
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