"OOOOOO" Factor

Alpacas offer a kinder, gentler type of livestock farming appealing to those who enjoy animals and livestock, but don’t like to kill them. While alpacas in this country are not used for meat, they do have many other valuable assets. At Storybook Alpacas, we refer to this as the Oooooo Factor.


Alpaca yarn and fabric made from alpaca fiber rate with cashmere and other luxurious fibers, but alpaca is up to eight times warmer than sheep’s wool and is lighter, stronger, hypoallergenic and has a low “prickle factor.” Their fiber picks up dye extremely well creating brilliant shades, but

comes in gorgeous natural colors as well (16 recognized by ARI.) Alpaca fleece is currently being sold as a raw product or processed into rovings for hand spinners as well as yarns, fabric, felt and finished products from socks and sweaters to rugs and upholstery. It creates beautiful, drapey, elegant garments, which are breathable and water resistant. Alpaca garments have been found virtually intact in excavations from ancient civilizations attesting to their durability.
  Elegant fleece is only one part of what we refer to as the Ooooooo Factor as these whimsical creatures offer many
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other benefits including both physical and emotional health. It is safe for small children to be around alpacas and the combination creates smiles that are immeasurable. Family involvement, teaching of responsibility, decision making and pride in the results are added bonuses. An alpaca humming to you creates a wonderful outlet for those who are more introverted and gives a chance to build trust.


Concentration can also be enhanced by the obstacle courses offered at many shows. Families who prefer a more traditional model with a stay-at-home mom, have found an opportunity to both supplement their income and build family values with alpacas.


  There is a niche for anyone who wants to be involved in alpacas from daily care to show animals. Alpacas make wonderful pets if that is as far as a person wants to go with them. And their fleece can be sold to help defer the expenses of keeping them.
Try that with your dog! They can also be raised as fleece animals or used for therapy. The main goal is to continue to raise the quality of breeding stock so that North American alpaca fiber will fill the world demand for the finest, most excellent fiber available. These are some of the ways to enjoy the mystical alpaca and the Ooooooo Factor!