Once Upon a Time there was a man who worked hard at his small business and was under a lot of stress. The man had a wife who liked to write stories for their grandchildren. One day she wrote a story about an alpaca and, along the way, discovered a lot about the quizzical critters. So the man and
his wife went to visit an alpaca farm. The man said Ahhhhhh! And his wife said Oooooooo! And the man and his wife were hooked!
And, Once Upon a Time, there was an old dilapidated horse barn with a little bit of land near where the man and his wife lived. It was very dreary looking. But then Sunshine and Annie came to  
the barn andbrought their pals Coco Moco and Little Ricky. They brightened the barn and warmed the hearts of everyone who came to visit. Soon Carmeltina and her cria (baby) came to join the others. They all played and ran around the pasture together and delighted everyone who came to see them.
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Every day the man and his wife came home from work and went up to the barn to visit the alpacas. They gave them some fresh water, some hay, and a little feed. Then they watched the alpacas jump and run and play. And the man said Ahhhhhhh! And his wife said Ooooooooo! The outside world melted away and their happily ever after began.
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